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Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or burned out? Have you tried so many things, but in the end stress always wins? 

That's exactly where I was - and I know there is a way out. I can help you.

What if you could not only manage stress effectively, but also increase your well-being and happiness?

Constant stress not only costs you moments of peace, but also a lot of joy and passion for life.

With the 3-keys approach you can get both back. 

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About Me

My name is Martin Skopp and I am a professional coach.

I help people free themselves from stress and challenging situations and
reclaim what makes our lives worth living.

Coaching sessions take place online via ZOOM.

You can book a free discovery session here:

3 Keys to crack your stress

A life without stress is a utopia. But a life in which stress does not control us is not.

We don't have to fundamentally change our lives or give up our jobs to do this.

Stress is how our nervous system reacts to stressors. If stress lasts a long time, our nervous system can lose its ability to regulate itself - it spends too much time in "active mode" and not enough in "rest mode," preventing it from properly recovering. This can lead to various stressful symptoms, frequent exhaustion, and increased sensitivity to stress itself.


However, we can break this cycle by changing how we manage stress and stressors. This helps our nervous system return to its natural state of regulation. As a result, stress symptoms decrease, and we develop a natural resilience to stress. Most importantly, we regain a sense of vitality and strength.

My approach rests on 3 key principles:

  • Managing stress on an emotional, physical and mental level.

  • Practical approach to stressors and strategies for stress prevention, e.g. through concrete problem-solving strategies.

  • Increasing general well-being: more joy in life as a natural protection against stress.

Coaching is personally tailored to your situation and your needs.

You can book a free discovery session via ZOOM here:


"I had an incredible session with Martin Skopp today, during which he shared many valuable insights on personal development, business, and mental well-being. Martin's approach was remarkable, as he first listened attentively to me and then gradually provided thoughtful answers to each one. His ability to break down the patterns of issues and determine the root cause was impressive, and I believe everyone should apply this method to resolve their daily problems.

The session ended with many thought-provoking questions, and Martin humbly answered each one. I am grateful for his insights and highly recommend Martin Skopp to anyone who is feeling stuck and searching for a way forward."

— Naveed Shah, E-Commerce Entrepreneur

“Martin helped me discover and control the power of my own thoughts. I had no idea how I was holding myself back. Talk to Martin.
You won’t regret it. Even one visit might change your life. It did for me. “


— Kristopher Eschmeyer

"Martin Skopp supported me very professionally, flexibly, empathetically, and personally during my professional re-entry. He accompanied me over an extended period during my return to my professional role at BARMER. During this time, I was able to learn a lot about myself and my role understanding."

— Steffen Ott, Regional Executive

“I’ve been stuck in the same job for over a decade. The job provided me financial security, but not the fulfillment I wanted. I was too afraid to make a leap. I didn’t know how to do what I knew I was meant to do. Martin coached me through this stagnation and today I have a new fulfilling job with so much more time for what I was meant to do. “


— Sales Manager

"My collaboration with Martin originally began due to a difficult situation with a colleague at work. Martin shed light on how I could handle that person. Now, I can enter the company with a positive attitude and consciously direct my perspective towards things that propel me forward. After seeing quick improvements, I was eager to explore further approaches and tackle my even bigger life issues. Throughout the coaching process, I gained more confidence in salary negotiations, which led to a significant increase.

Furthermore, Martin showed me a new perspective on my chronic pains, so now I no longer let them control me. I think more positively, I am proactive, and as a result, positive things happen in my life. I consciously choose the people I surround myself with, set boundaries, and no longer see myself as a victim. Not only do I have control over my life now, but I also enjoy it!

I highly recommend Martin to anyone seeking changes in their lives and being ready to take action to make them happen."

E.F.F.E.K.T, Germany

“Martin helped me find my confidence. I had lost it for a little while.”


— American Worker 

"Martin did a great job of preparing me for the mental obstacles he knew would come in the middle of my journey…. 

And they did come….. 

and I was ready."


— Martin Alum

"During a difficult phase in my life, I looked for individual support to deal with stress, crises, and self-limiting thought patterns. My professional stress level was very high and had brought me to the brink of total exhaustion. I was looking for a solution-oriented approach that would give me tools for the future.

Martin's calm and professional manner allowed me to find answers to my questions myself. Changes were sometimes very noticeable very quickly. Through the sessions, I developed a healthy balance between a stressful everyday life and relaxation. The topic of self-regulation was an absolute "aha" experience and has really helped me move forward.

I was particularly impressed by Martin's goal-oriented, comprehensible, and understandable way of working. His explanations helped me to understand difficult situations and find solutions.

Thanks to the coaching, I have also strengthened my self-confidence and self-acceptance. I feel better equipped for future challenges.

I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Martin to anyone who needs support in difficult times or in finding answers to personal questions.

— M. Ebert

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