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About me


My name is Martin Skopp, I am 54 years old and live with my family and 2 dogs in beautiful Southern Germany, on the edge of the Black Forest.


As a certified life coach, I bring both formal training and decades of personal experience into my coaching practice.


My passion for coaching began as I progressed through my career, including my role as a managing director of a medical technology company, where I personally faced the challenge of stress. It was crucial for me to learn and try out various methods for stress management, conflict resolution, and problem-solving.


The key question was: How can we handle challenging situations and life phases without succumbing to stress or compromising what makes life worthwhile: joy, fulfillment, connections with others, vitality, and success?


My search led me to positive psychology and neuroscience, which have provided groundbreaking tools for dealing with stress over the past two decades.


In my coaching program, I offer a carefully curated selection of these tools, tailored to your individual needs. Additionally, we develop pragmatic solutions for the causes of stress to enable long-term positive changes.


You can book a free discovery session via ZOOM here:

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