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Breaking free from negative thinking in your life

Woman sitting over the clouds, happy and free in her mind

Isn't it fascinating how we can FEEL BAD without something explicitly bad happening?

It's an underlying feeling – a downcast mood, monotony that we perceive in our lives, the lack of excitement and enthusiasm, maybe being constantly trapped in the ordinary, lack of interest, disengagement, expecting failure. Like living under a slightly gray cloud.

But is what we're EXPERIENCING really our LIFE AS IT IS – objectively speaking?

Well, we feel it, we're right in the midst of it! How could we be mistaken there?

I'm convinced: what we perceive as our reality is the sum of our thoughts with which we constantly interpret our lives, ourselves, and the external world. So, when we feel subtly bad, we're actually experiencing the subtle NEGATIVE THINKING that runs AUTOMATICALLY within us every day. The thinking we've unconsciously turned into a HABIT.

By the time we're in the middle of life, our habitual thinking has already completed hundreds of marathons. It will keep running unless YOU DECIDE which direction it should take from now on.

Because if the construction of habitual thinking was possible, the OPPOSITE is also available to you: different thinking, different emotions, different actions, a different life. A complete reversal, if you want.

But where to start?

We're all equipped with the wonderful ability to OBSERVE and QUESTION our own thinking. It's there for a REASON. It's the door to self-determined thinking and being.

My advice is simple yet effective: use it whenever you can. One of the best ways to get started is what is called a Thought Download. Write down your thoughts in a notepad for 10 minutes a day. Everything is busy for you - the small as well as the big thoughts. It is best to do it in such a way that you choose a single sentence for each thought. As you write down the thoughts, something very important happens: you start observing them from the outside. In this way, you withdraw from the direct effect of the negative thought and have the chance to recognize why the thought does not have to be true and how it harms you. This is the beginning of breaking free of the negative thinking that is pulling you down. I offer a free PDF guideline for a Thought Download. Just send an email to:, Subject: Thought Download Ready to take the next step? I'm here to help you track down your harmful thoughts and develop new thinking. My name is Martin Skopp. As a certified life coach, I help people who feel stuck in the middle of their lives. 📌 I offer a free online coaching session where you can learn about what my coaching can do for you:


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