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MIND MANAGEMENT. How thoughts design your life.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

I used to think of mind management as a hip brain science spin designed for the world's top executives who want to succeed by optimizing themselves. In fact, the ancient Greeks did most of the work as they pursued the question of how to live a better life. It is also a fact that today's mind management concepts are designed for everyone and are very down-to-earth, pragmatic and easy to learn.

But why should you care about it at all?

Your completed education, your first car, the family you started, your job, your hobbies... Everything you have tackled in life, everything you have achieved started with a thought - an innocent synapse activity in the brain.

Just the big stuff? No, all the actions we perform day to day originate in thought, even if most of them are unconscious.

Because actions produce results, this connection suddenly becomes very important because it makes the following clear:

1.) Our lives and the results we get don't just happen. We determine them with our thinking (even if we just drift through life, we do it from a thought and get a result from it).

2.) If we were purposeful in what we think, we could be in control of what we achieve in life.

Our brains produce thoughts, whether we consciously control them or not, they just do. Isn't it better then if we decide where to go with our thoughts? And decide for the results at the end?

But there is another aspect:

All emotions we feel every day are directly related to what we think - how we interpret what we perceive. When we feel inspired, motivated, happy, brave, hopeful, strong, or loved, it is always because of the thoughts we are thinking. When we're feeling down, confused, discouraged, or angry, thoughts are at work here too. Our emotional experience of our daily life begins simply with thoughts, thoughts that we can learn to observe and control. Mind management is just the best way we can take responsibility for how we feel.

I tried mind management myself years ago and it has turned almost everything I thought I knew about myself and life upside down in a positive way. Most importantly, it has helped me spring into action from a period of stagnation and shape the life I've always wanted. Today I am showing people not only how they can use thought management to solve their own problems, but how it can take their way of life to a whole new level.

The best way to understand thought management is to simply try it yourself. The good news: You don't need several weeks of intensive study to understand how it works to start using it. However, in mind management it is important to learn what it means to look at thoughts from the outside - that requires to escape the effect of our thoughts, at least for a moment. Also to let go of the fact that we and our thoughts are one and that there is no alternative what we think. For many people, this door only opens in a conversation with another person, which gradually leads to that space through questions.

Are you interested in learning more or even starting with your mind management? Just set up an appointment for a free discovery zoom session with me and just get your first introduction!


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