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Fulfilled Relationships. Two Essential Questions For Midlife Couples

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

happy midlife couple

At the midpoint of life, our relationships run the risk of becoming exhausted and stagnant in a state of routine coexistence. Over the years, we have worked on many shared ideas and goals, striving to achieve them to the best of our abilities: starting a family, owning a home, going on vacations, maintaining a certain standard of living, and so on. This process naturally reaches its culmination in midlife. And then?

There are two elementary questions for a fulfilled relationship in midlife:

👉 What are the new life goals that we, as a couple, want to pursue together? It's about questions like: What experiences do we want to have in the coming years? What things and dreams do we want to invest our energy in together? How do we concretely put them into action?

👉 How much do I want my partner to be allowed to be exactly as they are, and how much space do I want to create in our relationship for that? Ask yourself specifically: Which quirks, behaviors, and interests will I no longer try to correct but instead accept as an inherent part of the person I choose to be with and love?

Midlife presents a great opportunity to deliberately steer our relationships in a desired direction, rather than leaving it up to the "course of time" and getting stuck.

Do you feel that your relationship is stuck?

My name is Martin Skopp, and I am a professional life coach. I work with individuals who find themselves stuck in midlife and are uncertain about which path to take next. I help them find new energy, gain clarity, and take action for a strong and fulfilling life.

I offer online coaching on an hourly basis: personal, effective, and uncomplicated.

Are you ready? Let's get to work!

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