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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Man running away from his own life


A thought that typically builds slowly before eventually hitting us like a lightning bolt.

Anyone who acknowledges this initially feels bad: lost, deflated, sad, confused.

Then we cautiously start contemplating changes, and soon get STUCK.

Common reasons:

◻ The fear of losing security, hurting others, being judged, or making a serious mistake takes over and blocks us completely

◻ We have trouble naming what kind of life we want instead

◻ We don't know how to take the first step

◻ We feel like not having enough energy to work on a major change

◻ We don't trust ourselves

◻ We think it's too late

So we prefer to suffer and wait... for things to change from outside. But has this ever worked?

So here is the message to all who feel lost in midlife:

🚩 What we experience is not a disadvantage or a blemish on our life's path. And it is UNIVERSAL. As we go through life we continue to develop, our values, needs and interests too, it is quite normal that at some point we might outgrow our „old life“. And sometimes it's the others (or the circumstances of life) that change in ways that leave us no room to be ourselves. Neither is anyone to blame, nor is one alone with it.

🚩 Whatever is holding you back from taking action, it can be solved. You don't see it yet, but yes, you CAN solve it because the MAIN OBSTACLE IS IN YOUR MIND. Of course there are circumstances, limitations, challenges. But they are not what matters. What matters is how you interpret them and whether and from what attitude you face them.

🚩 You always have ENOUGH ENERGY to take a first step towards a positive change. Even if it's just a small thought, a hint of a possibility you start to believe. It doesn't matter that you feel strong enough to walk all the way now, but to take THAT FIRST STEP, then the next.

🚩 You don't need a step-by-step instruction to build something new. Knowing WHAT you want to achieve is important, but the HOW will always have huge gaps - they will gradually fill in AS YOU GO.

🚩 What if the current situation is not just a chance for a new life? Once you get it done, not only will your life be different, you will also have evolved. You will become the person "WHO CAN DO THIS".


There are things that still make you hesitate, I know. So let's talk, we'll clear it up.

My offer is to get you out of your inactivity and to help you to describe the way forward, to plan and finally start running with positive energy.

Schedule a free online session with me and find out what coaching can do for you:

You are not trapped in the wrong life, you are just where the first step to a new life begins.


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