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Challenged by midlife? Important Questions to ask.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Man challenged by his life thinking about important questions
Questions to ask in midlife ...

Until midlife, we walk on a nearly pre-programmed path: career, partnership, children, own home, ... Along the way, we face many challenges, and the solutions are not always easy, but they are somehow logical and have been lived by others countless times - nothing for which we need to reinvent ourselves.

All of this often comes to an abrupt end in our midlife, for example, when the children become adults. It's as if life suddenly challenges us and calls out, "Okay, the plan ends here, make a new one and live your life!"

Easier said than done, after having been on track for years and not even having the time to think about what "my life" actually means.

Now we have the following options:

  • We fall into a small or even a significant existential crisis.

  • We convince ourselves that we can keep ourselves entertained in the long run with a bit more vacation, indulgence, and a new hobby; if necessary, we simply work even more, much more... (and still end up at option one).

  • We do ourselves a huge favor and ask ourselves what we want to do with the next years of our lives. We make decisions, plan, and put them into action.

Most likely, option number three is your favorite 😉 But how do we begin?

Here are six fundamental questions for your midlife:

👉 What do you truly want?

👉 What would you do in your life if you had no fear?

👉 What future do you desire?

👉 What would it be like for you to live exactly in that future? (What does your daily life look like? What are your interests? What kind of people surround you? What does your working day look like? ...)

👉 Why is it important for you to have that future?

👉 What are you willing to do for it?

Important: Try to answer these questions out of pure curiosity. Don't put pressure on yourself by trying to give only "correct" answers. If you get stuck, simply make a guess. Focus only on the WHAT. The HOW can wait.

Afterward, take a look at your answers. What you see is the ROADMAP for your midlife.

Interested in taking the next step? I can help you find the right answers, plan, and take action. I offer online coaching on an hourly basis: personal, effective, and uncomplicated.

Are you ready? Let's get to work!

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