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99% of our negative thoughts are unnecessary and cost energy preventing positive results

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Setbacks are fineovercome

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Career Coaching


My professional journey to becoming the CEO of a medical technology company was filled with countless important experiences and lessons.


Through it all, I learned one thing above all: Rising and growing again is far more crucial than riding a wave of success, as setbacks are unavoidable.


Thanks to mental and emotional self-leadership, we can regain control after professional setbacks and activate our full potential.


We actively shape the path forward from within. We redefine our strength completely.


Self-leadership is not a tactic. It is a new way of thinking, feeling, and acting.


This makes it universally applicable, for example:

  • Job/career loss

  • Professional stagnation

  • Project/company failure

  • Uncertainty due to unexpected changes in the corporate environment

  • Conflicts with superiors and colleagues

  • Setbacks after changing workplaces

  • Coping with professional fears

  • Career transitions in midlife

  • Health-related career setbacks

  • Career and life fulfillment


"I had an incredible session with Martin Skopp today, during which he shared many valuable insights on personal development, business, and mental well-being. Martin's approach was remarkable, as he first listened attentively to me and then gradually provided thoughtful answers to each one. His ability to break down the patterns of issues and determine the root cause was impressive, and I believe everyone should apply this method to resolve their daily problems.

Martin expressed appreciation for my project Whoosh Craft and encouraged me to persevere despite temporary setbacks, as they are a natural part of the greater goal I have in mind. He advised me to keep testing my decisions and continually make changes until I find what works best for me. The session ended with many thought-provoking questions, and Martin humbly answered each one. I am grateful for his insights and highly recommend Martin Skopp to anyone who is feeling stuck and searching for a way forward."

— Naveed Shah, E-Commerce Entrepreneur

“Martin helped me discover and control the power of my own thoughts. I had no idea how I was holding myself back. Talk to Martin.
You won’t regret it. Even one visit might change your life. It did for me. “


— Kristopher Eschmeyer

“Martin Skopp supported me very professionally, flexibly, emphatically and humanely in my return to work. He accompanied me over a longer period of time as I returned to my professional role at BARMER. I was able to learn a lot about myself and my role understanding.


— Steffen Ott, regional managing director

“I’ve been stuck in the same job for over a decade. The job provided me financial security, but not the fulfillment I wanted. I was too afraid to make a leap. I didn’t know how to do what I knew I was meant to do. Martin coached me through this stagnation and today I have a new fulfilling job with so much more time for what I was meant to do. “


— Sales Manager

“Martin helped me find my confidence. I had lost it for a little while.”


— American Worker 

"Martin did a great job of preparing me for the mental obstacles he knew would come in the middle of my journey…. 

And they did come….. 

and I was ready."


— Martin Alum

"My collaboration with Martin originally began due to a difficult situation with a colleague at work. Martin shed light on how I could handle that person. Now, I can enter the company with a positive attitude and consciously direct my perspective towards things that propel me forward. After seeing quick improvements, I was eager to explore further approaches and tackle my even bigger life issues. Throughout the coaching process, I gained more confidence in salary negotiations, which led to a significant increase.

Furthermore, Martin showed me a new perspective on my chronic pains, so now I no longer let them control me. I think more positively, I am proactive, and as a result, positive things happen in my life. I consciously choose the people I surround myself with, set boundaries, and no longer see myself as a victim. Not only do I have control over my life now, but I also enjoy it!

I highly recommend Martin to anyone seeking changes in their lives and being ready to take action to make them happen."

E.F.F.E.K.T, Germany

“I have been a self-help nut nut for decades. Martin gave me the most effective tool I’ve ever used to overcome bad habits. Ask him about it. It has changed my life.”


— KL from Logan, UT 

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